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Cyber Crime and its Prevention
Published By ajayseo on 2010-10-16 413 Views

Cyber crime refers to the kind of crime where computers are used as a medium of committing crime. Today, more and more issues of this type of crime are rising namely, hacking, copyright infringement, child pornography and many more.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that now cyber crime is becoming the basis for other crimes as well. As, for committing any other kind of crime, criminals take information through computers and web.

Cyber crime is a result of growing use of web and internet. However, with rising technology, it is now possible for you save yourself with this kind of crime. Here are some points given that you need to keep in mind while surfing the internet, to protect yourself from cyber crime:


  • Firstly, install a good anti-virus protection program and farewell program, to protect your personal computer from cyber crime.
  • Do not provide your personal and financial information on various sites, blogs and forums, if not needed. Like this, no hacker will be able to locate you easily form any website.
  • Be very careful while doing online shopping and ensure that you are shopping on secure sites.
  • Make your passwords unique. Your passwords should not be very obvious like your name, birth date or anything like this. Always, keep a different password so no one can guess it easily.
  • Be careful while chatting on social networking sites. If some unknown person sends you a link then don’t click on it quickly. Be careful as it can be a way of hacking your id.
  • Avoid fraud e-mails like lottery, fraud appointment letter and so on.

Thus, by keeping all these things in mind, you will be able to protect yourself from cyber crime. If after all these measures, you are unable to curb it then, you can take assistance from cyber crime investigators. These investigative services will prove to be very effective and reliable and will solve your problems easily.

You can easily find out about various cyber crime investigators through the World Wide Web. Online mode will help you find the right investigator by making least efforts.

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